Your Passport to Wine Exploration
A wine guide designed to make the world of wine accessible in a professional and understandable way to the customer. The binding was made using traditional methods of candle and wax. 
Main points - the guide is divided into three chapters according to the type of wines, with a pop-up at the top of each chapter alongside the type of wines and an explanation of the wine-making process in the chapter Columns - the wine columns include several layers that characterize the specific type of wine, such as the country of origin, the composition of varieties and the nature of wine. The entirety of the pop up is to make wine accessible to all from the most beginner to the most advance. 
graph characterizing - appears on the left side and characterizes the specific wine on the page with the range (מ=פ) from mineral to fruit (מ=ק). Both full body and light body wines are portrayed with a point in the color of the wine that changes between the chapters. 
symbol - signs that add information that distinguishes the wine in the appearance: 
1.Recommended serving glass for the type of wine 2. The level of tannins in wine - rated medium, high and nor inside a graphic shape from the world of chemistry wine.3.Recommended serving temperature marked the same C to degrees Celsius
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