This is a new world - the world of Phénomène. 
PHENOMEN is a fashion house for non-gendered clothing specializing in dresses for men. The name "Phenomen" is an abbreviation of the word Phenomenal, representing the goal of masculine self-empowerment and redefining who the new and modern man is with using "romen letters" font In order to make a reference to ancient Rome and the model of beauty. The brand values are Modern masculinity while breaking gender norms to revolutionize the male fashion experience. 

DAVID STATUE by Michelangelo represents, from the Renaissance period to the present day, the model of male beauty as perceived since ancient Greece. The greek male beauty model defines masculinity starting from muscular physique, fashion style, and even personality traits.

DRESS FORM MANNEQUIN is a simple of any fashion designer but now this symbol has a different role here its representing the redesigned male beauty model that is linked to the statue of David and enhancing and popularizing it. the mannequin gives you the opportunity for change. Now you can wear anything and still remain "David", staying true to yourself as a man, only upgraded to be confident in who he is and unafraid to express himself. 

TURTLENECK SWEATER sweater takes us on a journey through time, straight from the eras of ancient Greece and the Renaissance to our present times. The modern age is a new era, and the ancient dress codes are no longer relevant. This is a innovative, contemporary, and modern David. 
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